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MuCCA and the Regulatory Environment

28th March, 2020/by tsc_admin

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication in MuCCA

27th March, 2020/by tsc_admin

Watch our webinar here

The Multi Car Collision Avoidance (MuCCA) Research & Development project final showcase webinar took place on the 19th March 2020. The recording includes presentations from the Centre for Connected…
24th March, 2020/by tsc_admin

Connected vehicle project could end motorway pileups


A pioneering project has developed technology that could radically reduce the number of multi-vehicle collisions on motorways. The Multi-Car Collision Avoidance (MuCCA) research and development project, has used artificial…
19th March, 2020/by tsc_admin

Is MuCCA leading the pack for collaborative, collision avoiding technology?

By Stuart Rowell, Principal Technologist, Connected Places Catapult

The MuCCA (Multi-Car Collision Avoidance) project has a grand aim; using connectivity and autonomy to avoid (or minimise)…
11th April, 2019/by tsc_admin

Understanding human driver behaviour

By Ross Walker, Research Fellow in Autonomous Cars, Cranfield University


The Multi-Car Collision Avoidance (MuCCA) Project will develop a next-generation driver aid that aims to avoid multi-car…
9th November, 2018/by tsc_admin

Using a Systems Engineering approach

Multi-Car Collision Avoidance Project (MuCCA) is a complex, collaborative R&D project that can benefit greatly from a systems engineering approach, says Thomas Levermore, a Systems Engineer…
14th September, 2018/by tsc_admin

Decision making algorithms

MuCCA cooperative path-planning/decision making algorithms and its applications on motorways
Are we ready for autonomous driving? How autonomous driving can assist humans on the motorways? These issues…
21st August, 2018/by tsc_admin

MuCCA Case Study

MuCCA aims to develop a next-generation driver aid that will avoid (or reduce the consequences of) multi-car collisions on motorways. It consists of a six-member UK consortium working on a 30-month, £4.6m…
11th April, 2018/by cygnus
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