MuCCA Report, a summary of the findings from the project

Authors: Tom Levermore, Connected Places Catapult

Model predictive tracking controller for a high fidelity vehicle dynamics model

Authors: Husain Kanchwala, Ícaro Bezerra Viana,  Marco Cecotti and Nabil Aouf , Cranfield University

Cooperative Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Driving Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Authors: Ícaro Bezerra Viana, Husain Kanchwala and Nabil Aouf, Cranfield University

Distributed Cooperative Path-Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Integrating Human Driver Trajectories

Authors: Ícaro Bezerra Viana and Nabil Aouf, Cranfield University

Decentralised Cooperative Collision Avoidance with Reference-Free Model Predictive Control and Desired Versus Planned Trajectories

Authors: Chief Engineer Charlie Wartnaby (MuCCA Technical Lead, IDIADA) and Engineer Daniele Bellan (IDIADA)

Predicting Time-Series Trajectories of Human Driven Vehicles, using an Unsupervised Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Network

Author: Ross Walker, Cranfield University